Chairman of Mango Bay Group of Companies, Peter Odle, told the group that small hoteliers need to combine resources in order to advance business.

Small hoteliers urged to work together


 Chairman of the Mango Bay Group of Companies, Peter Odle, delivered the feature address at the recently held Intimate Hotels of Barbados Annual General Meeting. 
Speaking from the perspective of a small hotelier – its challenges and its joys – he admitted that it is hard business as it requires that you be the “jack of all trades”, and there is never enough money. However, he stated that with the help of good staff and with the aid of those who are more experienced, it is manageable. 
Turning his attention towards the British exit out of the European Union, he stated that the next couple years will be challenging but doable. He therefore encouraged those present to take advantage of the tour operators because they can be very beneficial to business, in terms of advertising and promotions. However, he cautioned that they be selective in the operators that they choose.
The chairman also lamented that he is disheartened by the lack of cooperation among small hoteliers in Barbados. He posited that there can be great advantage if hoteliers come to together to achieve marketing objectives and the like, but it appears as though they do not want to share information amongst themselves. But, he asserted, if success is to be gained by small hoteliers, it is time they reconsider so that they may get their share of the business. 

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