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Ravi Rambarran, President and CEO of Sagicor Life Inc, Southern Caribbean.

Sagicor’s solution

“Who and what are you working for?”

  This is the question being posed by Sagicor to business owners and self-employed individuals as the company rolls out its latest insurance and financial solution, specifically developed to assist businesses protect and grow their livelihood.

A combined suite of insurance products, the Sagicor Business Growth Solution provides businesses and their owners with financial
support to assist

with the growth of their business, in addition to meeting short-term financial obligations and overcoming life’s inevitable and unpredictable challenges.

Ravi Rambarran, President and CEO of Sagicor Life Inc, Southern Caribbean, said “When we ask business owners and self-employed individuals ‘Who and what are you working for?’ many will tell you that they’re in business to provide for themselves and their families, or quite simply out of necessity to ‘make ends meet’.”

“Failure is therefore not an option for these individuals and their families, however, many are highly susceptible to the unforeseen challenges and perils that are always in play. Regardless of size, number of employees, industry, location or mode of operation, every business is vulnerable in some way, which is why we have brought this solution to the market, because we understand and appreciate that every business requires protection and support”, said Rambarran.

Competitively and affordably priced, the solution features a combination of four insurance products, these being Term Life Insurance, a cost-effective way to solve life insurance needs for a specified period; Critical Illness cover, which provides a one-off lump sum payment to policyholders to assist them and their family meet their financial obligations following a significant change to their lifestyle due to a critical illness or injury; Individual Health Insurance, which can help prevent staggering expenses caused by a medical emergency; along with a monetary accumulations component to help them achieve their medium and long-term financial goals.

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