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Head of Marketing at Flow, Shelly Ann Hee Chung (centre) presenting the Award for Perseverance to Jassia Norville (left) and Andrea Walters (right) of Creative Jems at the $20 Challenge 2015 Awards at the Concorde Experience.

Put $20 Challenge on national curriculum, suggests Project Leader


Founding Director, Barbados Entrepreneurship Foundation (BEF) and Project Leader for the BEF/Flow $20 Challenge, Keith Miller would like to see this challenge become a part of the national school’s curriculum.


He made this revelation as he delivered closing remarks at the $20 Challenge 2015 Awards last Saturday night at the Concorde Experience, stating that the programme is beneficial in that it provides the young people with an opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship.


“I would like to think that based on the evidence that you have seen here tonight, that at the end of the five years, we have certainly created a wave whereby our young people are becoming more and more enterprising. That is what I was particularly proud about when I was watching them up on here and thinking about what they have done.”


Stating that he recognizes that he is not in a position to be informing the Ministry of Education or any other stakeholder in this sector on the decisions that they should make with respect to educating the youth of this nation, he said that instead, he decided to show them the advantages that is derived from the initiative.


“We also felt that it is not our place at the BEF, certainly not my personal place, to tell the Ministry of Education or any educator for that matter or any of the decision makers what they should or should not do. We didn’t even feel comfortable enough to advise what could be done. So the route that we chose to take was to demonstrate. Hence, the $20 Challenge. It is an exciting, quick, get it done type of competition which the kids enjoy doing.”


Therefore, Miller implored those in attendance that if they liked what they saw and heard from the young people, to go and tell everyone that they know about the $20 Challenge so that it would serve as a vehicle for enterprise based education.


“If you have had a good experience; if you have seen anything that you have admired, respected, liked; if you think that the $20 Challenge is good for young people and if you think that it is good for Barbados, I implore you, when you leave here, go away and spread the word as much as you possibly can. Tell anybody that is prepared to listen, the value of the $20 Challenge because our goal is that the $20 Challenge would be the catalyst that would result in a better approach to enterprise based education of the national curriculum.”


He continued, “I would like the $20 Challenge to become a normal part of every school’s calendar, part of the school’s calendar just like Speech Day, Sports day and exams and if we can achieve that, we can virtually guarantee that we will create this new generation of enterprising young Barbadians. So that is my wish to you. Go away, spread the word.”

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