Corporate Communications Manager, Sophia Cambridge (right) having a word with from left:Richard Cozier, Director of the PHD, Mrs. Carolyn Cozier, Geoffrey Marshall, Mrs. Brenda Roach, and Lorenzo Roach.

PHD building on trusted brand


THE Pine Hill Dairy, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary, is crediting its stakeholders for the successes achieved over the course of those five decades.
At a 50th anniversary service at the St. Barnabas Anglican Church yesterday, Dairy Operations Manager Lorenzo Roach showered praises on those who contributed to the growth and development of the company.
Mr. Roach, who also highlighted how the company was able to survive many of the challenges that faced both the economy and businesses, said that at present the PHD proudly boasts a product innovation for every palette and every age in both the Dairy and Juice portfolios. 
Saying that it takes trust to build a relationship which can just as well be easily broken, the PHD official declared: “We at the Pine Hill Dairy are honored to have gained that trust, becoming a brand that Barbadians have not only come to trust but to love. It is this trust and the intimacy of being in your home and in your lives that have stood us in good stead these past 50 years.”    
“I am pleased to be able to credit the success of the Dairy to all our stakeholder groups,” Roach told the packed congregation that included current PHD management, past and present employees, and some dairy farmers including Sir Charles Williams, a former Chairman, and Paul Davis. Carl Sylvester a former CEO was also present.
Roach pointed to the consumers who have trusted the company to deliver quality products, the suppliers and business partners, previous staff members who cemented the foundation for the PHD, and some of the farmers.
“Despite the advancements in technology and the move towards what are deemed as the more traditional careers, our partners in farming have proven that they are committed to keeping the Dairy industry alive,” Roach said.
 He acknowledged that one does not reach a 50-year milestone without a spirit of gratitude. He remarked that the depressed economy, changes in the purchasing power of consumers and increased competition have seen many businesses, not only in Barbados, but around the world, faced closure.
Noting that the realities of the market place are not different for the PHD having been itself faced with some difficult situations, Road added: “the Dairy industry has its unique challenges but where many have fallen, we are still here today and are grateful not to have succumbed to the pressures of business that have become commonplace.”
 Also lauding the company was Reverend Mark Harewood, Rector of the St. Barnabas Church. He praised it for achieving the milestone of 50 years.
“You have been a good neighbour to us over the years. We wish you well,” he added.

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