Massy delisting pushed back to end of year


THE voluntary delisting of Massy Holdings Limited from the Barbados Stock Exchange (BSE), has been rescheduled.
Originally, the delisting was due to take effect from September 30, but it has been rescheduled to December 31. 
In a notice to its Barbados registered shareholders posted on the T&T Stock Exchange, the company said the BSE had agreed to an extension to the original date set for delisting 
of its common shares. 
The shareholders will continue to have the option to trade in Massy’s shares on the BSE until that date. 
Massy Holdings had advised in a July 27 circular letter of plans to delist from the BSE following a decision made at it annual general meeting on February 6, 2015, when shareholders unanimously approved a resolution to that effect. 
At that time, corporate secretary Wendy Kerry told shareholders that the company had received a de-listing order from the Financial Services Commission (FSC) to give effect to it subject to certain conditions. 
The de-listing will not prevent shareholders from continuing to maintain their investment in Massy nor from trading in the company’s shares. Shareholders can continue to hold their shares by transferring them to the T&T Central Depository (TTCD), or by requesting a physical share certificate. 
These can be facilitated through a registered broker in either Barbados or in Trinidad and Tobago.

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