Hyatt brings more marketability to business sector


Chairman of the Barbados Hotel and Tourism Association, Roseann Myers believes that the soon-to-be-constructed Hyatt property will add to the island’s business sector marketability. 
Welcoming Hyatt to these shores and soon to its own membership, she stated, “One of the areas for sure is that Hyatt will have a serious impact on our ability to market to the meetings and incentives sector, and as a business hotel as well, that would give us another talking point.”
Addressing a media conference on Tuesday during the signing of the agreement between the hotel and its local developers, she lauded Hyatt’s intention to embrace the local art sector.
“The more partners in the market bringing eyes to Barbados, bringing consumers to Barbados, the better it is for everybody. It is certainly music to our ears that the Hyatt strategy is to make sure there is a local flavor in terms of art (and) in terms of using local suppliers and among our membership. I think we have just about everything you need in terms of those suppliers that would definitely want to work with you to bring those parties together,” she said.
Marking the moment as a historic one in light of the island’s 50th Independence anniversary celebrations and the BHTA’s 64th anniversary, Myers stated that the Hyatt would be “standing on the shoulders of a number of indigenous properties who have paved the way.” 
“Really the confidence in Barbados is borne out of the fact that over the past 64 years, indigenous properties and suppliers and directors of services have done in phenomenal job at putting the little 166-square mile island on the map of anyone looking for a warm weather destination,” she stressed.
Speaking ahead of today’s meeting between tourism stakeholders and the government, she insisted that it was necessary to look at the competitiveness and to ensure that there was a level playing field between the new entrants and those who have built the industry in the current fiscal environment. (JMB)

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