Appropriate heels and styles for the working woman

Appropriate heels and styles for the working woman

High above the rest – Appropriate heels and styles for the working woman

Most of us ladies have a weakness for heels. We’ve all seen some cute shoes that we just HAVE to have, only to remove them at work after two hours and misplace them in our closet for months. Selecting appropriate heels and styles for work is essential for your daily comfort and boosting your confidence.

Here are some styling suggestions and tips:

Know Your Size!
Different styles of shoes fit differently, and it’s important to remember this when shoe-shopping. Your size in pumps may not be your size in pointy tips or open-toed shoes, so it’s important to verify your size before making the purchase. This cuts down on the likelihood of discomfort.
Bonus Tip: When in store, make sure you practice walking in shoes to ensure that the size you’ve selected is correct and more importantly – comfortable!

6-inch heels!
It’s important to remember the purpose your shoes are serving and the environment you’ll be wearing them in. Continuously wearing 6-inch heels is unrealistic; it’s best to reserve these for times when you’re mostly sitting or won’t be wearing them for long. Compromise and purchase 3 to 3 ? inch heels instead. These will serve your needs much better. You can even go the extra mile and purchase shoes with a thicker heel as they put less pressure on your calves throughout the day.

Pump it up!
Pumps are an essential for any working girl. They’re classic and accentuate your calves no matter their size. Black pumps and nude pumps can really pull your outfit together, especially when paired with a matching handbag. This style is wearable with pretty much anything, from power suits to jeans and polos, which also make them versatile for clothing changes.

Pull out your sandals!
High-heeled sandals are an excellent choice for jazzing up conservative office wear and an even better option for after work activities or networking mingles. If you want to show off that pedicure or simply get bored of your pumps, high-heeled sandals are a great option for your shoe collection. Classy 3-inched sandals can transform your look from formal to stylish and chic.

Point those toes!
For those who haven’t tried pointy toes before, these shoes can look a little intimidating. Will they be too tight? Will they be as versatile as other styles? Don’t worry. Once you have secured your correct size, pointy shoes aren’t half as intimidating as they seem. For styling, there are many options. They tend to go well with pants, giving a powerful look, but they can also be styled with pencil skirts or dresses.
Bonus Tip: Consider going up a half size if you’re ordering online and this is your first purchase. Shoes with pointy toes tend to have a little less wiggle room than almond and round toes.

Invest in the material
Although synthetic leather or suede may be cheaper, these shoes tend to be a bit less flexible and may affect your feet negatively in the long run, especially if worn for long periods. Investing in shoes with real leather or suede or a mixture of both, allows you to get more wear out of your shoes and lessens the chances of any feet complaints.

Pops of Colour
For the less conservative, using your shoes as an accessory for a pop of colour is a fun way to jazz up your outfit. In a more rigid environment, it may be best to choose between your bag or shoes as opposed to rocking both, or using softer colours like blues or browns. However, if your work environment is more relaxed, the world is your oyster.
Bonus Tip: A fun way to jazz up your shoe collection is to select shoes with one base colour and a pop of colour or pattern. This keeps you close to neutral but spices up the overall effect of your outfit.

Flattening it out!
If you’re not a heels girl, that’s perfectly fine. Don’t feel pressured to wear heels if they’re simply not your thing or your lifestyle doesn’t allow for it. There are plenty of options out there for you regardless. D’Orsay flats, Oxfords, loafers and pointy-toed flats are great options for keeping it stylish without being elevated.

(Jameela Hollingsworth, Owner of HR Boss, is a contributing writer to the Blog.

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