What’s in Your Work Handbag

What’s in Your Work Handbag

Business Monday: What’s in Your Work Bag?

Essentials every working woman should have on hand

For the professional Caribbean woman, there are a few essentials we should always have in our handbags.
In this article we are breaking down those essentials that are needed to conquer the work day.

Essential #1 - Emergency & Sanitary Pouch
Ever arrived at work and noticed you had a wardrobe malfunction or an unexpected appearance from your favourite monthly visitor … only to realise you have no supplies on hand to fix the problem?? *cue the horror*

Minor setbacks such as these can completely cripple us, leaving us feeling uncomfortable and in some instances can completely throw off our day. This is why an emergency pouch is our first essential must-have!

Your emergency and sanitary kit’s components will help you to eliminate these minor setbacks and/or rectify them in the quickest time possible so you can back to conquering your day.

Our list of sanitary items include safety pins, needle and thread, a travel sized tooth brush, toothpaste, hair ties, edge control, female sanitary products, wet wipes and of course, medication.

Essential #2 - Travel Size Makeup Kit

Even if you aren’t into makeup, a travel size makeup bag is a must have. Your makeup kit doesn’t have to be overwhelming; you just need the boss girl basics: lipstick, face powder, mascara and eyeliner.

Networking opportunities are always knocking, so it is necessary to keep these essentials on hand to jazz up your look at any moment’s notice. Whether an out of office lunch meeting, an after work social, a client meeting or a last-minute presentation, a good lipstick and some mascara can jazz up your look and have you feeling confident in no time.

Essential #3 - Planner/ Notebook

Studies show that pre-planning your day and having a to-do-list with your tasks lead to a more productive day. With a variety of light weight pocket-sized planners or notebooks, you have no excuse not to be organised and on top of your day!

Essential #4 - Purse

This is probably the most important item on the list. Your purse should carry your cash, cards and credentials.

Often times, we travel with just our purses for a quick errand, so it should be stylish & functional as a stand-alone piece. Don’t be a victim to a very aged purse that doesn’t efficiently function.

If you are not into purses, other great options are wristlets, phone holders or card holders that can offer similar storage and functionality while still being stylish.

Essential #5 - Writing Instruments

While the world is getting technologically advanced at a rapid pace, we are still pretty old school when it comes to this handbag essential item. Nothing beats having a good pen handy when it comes to jotting notes or signing documents on-the-spot.

Essential #6 - Tablets/Laptop

Laptops and tablets have become staples in the everyday bag of a professional woman. There are several light weight devices that are functional and easy to carry. With a simple accessory like a keyboard or mini-mouse, your tablet can easily be converted into a portable work station.

Essential #7 - Eye Wear

Eye wear is essential for reading and dealing with sunlight in our tropical climate. An extra pair of sunglasses (or if you’re into dual-function – a solid pair of transitional-lensed glasses) in your handbag is a must have.

Essential #8 - Cellular Phone

Cellular phones are almost like a part of our anatomy these days, but it had to make our list of must haves. Along with your device, it’s also important to keep on hand accessories as well. A cellular phone battery pack and a pair of headphones are absolutely necessary for commute, conference calls and prolonged days of out of office activity.

Essential #9 - Umbrella

Living in the tropics can mean rain is right around the corner at any time. Travelling with a small umbrella makes it easier to navigate between buildings during rainy weather. It also helps upkeep your appearance during this weather when out of office.

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