Top Companies in Barbados

Top Companies in Barbados

Business Monday: Top Companies in Barbados

Barbados – A Place where Jobseekers Like to Look for Work
Barbados is an island nation that is located in the Atlantic Ocean east of the Caribbean. Because it is outside the area’s hurricane region and boasts higher salaries, Barbados is one place where jobseekers like to look for work. Therefore, seeking positions at top companies in Barbados is the goal of many jobseekers today.

Tourism – A Major Industry
One of the main industries in Barbados is tourism, which provides jobs for more than half of the workforce. Top companies in Barbados in tourism and hospitality can mainly be found along the southern and western coasts of the country. Therefore, if you have the desire to work for one of these companies in the tourism sector, seeking job opportunities in the aforementioned areas would be good places on which to concentrate.

Some Top Companies in Barbados to Consider
One of the top companies in Barbados in the financial sector includes CIBC First Caribbean International Bank. Or, for anyone interested in a media career, the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation and the Caribbean Media Corporation are two top companies in Barbados that aspiring media professionals can contact. Newspaper journalists can check on the employment opportunities at the Barbados Advocate (the local newspaper) or Nation Publishing (another newspaper).
The Banks Barbados Breweries is another one of the top companies in Barbados as is the Barbados Ice Cream Company. Bajan Helicopters is one of the top companies in Barbados that offers air transport services while Trans Island Air 2000 is one of the airlines on the island that provides employment for anyone interested in pursuing a travel career.

Make it Easy for a Hiring Manager to Short-list You for a Job
When applying for work with companies in Barbados, it’s important to highlight your skills and employment so that they closely match with the prerequisites for the job you are seeking. Your resume should act as your personal brand. Therefore, you want to present it so that any of the hiring managers in the top companies in Barbados can quickly assess your skills – hopefully seeing that you’re the perfect candidate for a specific job.

Applying for Jobs in Top Companies in Barbados in the Financial Field
If you are applying for a job in the financial field, then make sure you underscore general skills and experience you have with respect to software, numeracy, keyboarding, and trouble shooting. Specialised skills should reflect a strong accounting or finance background with excellent communicative ability and organisational aptitude.

Applying to Top Companies in Barbados in the Tourism Industry
If you are applying to companies in Barbados in the tourism industry, your CV should reflect someone who has excellent people skills. Therefore, make sure your resume highlights attributes that denote diplomacy and co-operatives. Past public speaking experience can also be advantageous for obtaining a job as well.

Take Time to Review your Choices
You can find a number of top companies in Barbados which require a variety of skillsets. Carefully review your choices, tailoring your resume to the job which most closely matches your background and abilities.

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