Business Monday: Success in Canada

Recent promotion expected to boost international business

BARBADOS can look forward to more international business originating from Canada, following a recent promotion in that country.

Donville Inniss, the Minister of Industry, International Business, Commerce and Small Business Development, said the promotion was a success, and that Barbados is still a preferred place for Canada, in terms of international business.

He spoke to the media after his return from Canada.

“I recently led a promotional mission to Halifax and Toronto in Canada, as part of Invest Barbados promotional efforts, and I would say it was a great success. Barbados continues to have its challenges with what is taking place with the International Business and Financial Services Sector,” said Inniss.

However, he told the media that Canada remains Barbados’ main source market. He noted further that all indicators show that last year Barbados would have managed over 75 billion Canadian dollars in Investment through Barbados. “I don’t think sometimes we as a nation recognise the importance of that relationship, and we can build on it.”

The Minister explained that while in Halifax and in Toronto, he took the opportunity to meet with persons attached to major law and accounting firms, to inform them about what Barbados has to offer, and to “remind them we are still open for business, and to address any concerns that they may have”.

He also attended a seminar in Toronto, and left with the clear understanding that Barbados is still the preferred location of choice for Canadian entrepreneurs seeking to go global.

“In the International business sector, we will continue to roll out the right kind of products and services,” Inniss promised.

He also stated that while there are issues with regard to the Panama leaks and other rumblings in this area, the message must go forth at home that Barbados is a well-regulated jurisdiction that seeks to attract and retain businesses of substance, and the Canadian market remains critical to us.

He said the last couple of days in Canada were a success.

“We saw a keen interest in Barbados and how Barbadian companies have been helping Canadian companies to go global, and I’m satisfied that once we keep at it, this sector will grow leaps and bounds.” (NB)

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