Top Industries to Find Work in Barbados for 2019

Top Industries to Find Work in Barbados for 2019

Business Monday: Industries with job vacancies in Barbados for 2019!

Barbados blessed us with Rihanna, some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, and finally but certainly not least, Prime Minister Mia Mottley. With all these blessings, candidates looking for work can expect Barbados to answer the call of employment in the region. Looking into 2019, this island promises us a lot of unexpected job opportunities too. The Caribbean economy as a whole is fast approaching 2020 goals and islands like Barbados are leading the way.

Transport, Warehousing & Automotive
Distributors are constantly working to bring to their customers the latest available in FMCG, Auto, and Trade. Customers are more attuned to global market trends with the advent of the Internet and are using it to learn more about the next thing, which then stimulates a demand for it locally. What we are seeing in this chain of industry is that as sales for these new products rise, the logistics attached to operations in these businesses also grow alongside it, exponentially. Transport, Inventory management, Merchandising, Truck and Lorry sales are all spaces within the trade industry that people in Barbados can look to for jobs. With other developments around the environment and sustainability taking precedent in Barbados’ government policy, digital transformation and innovation applied to these industries are also expected to manifest. Specialists will be required and just like the rise in demand for innovative products and services, the same will occur with the need for the associated human resource.

General Management
Sophisticated business models and burgeoning industries call for top-level management sharp in the ways of global economy. Caribbean countries are recognised as a new space for business development, and we can anticipate a subsequent demand for executive roles. Companies like MASSY, Caribbean Airlines, and Unicomer operate at regional scale in the Caribbean and are most likely interested in selecting candidates from the pool of local talent. Other international companies like Ernst & Young, too, are commonly assumed to only hire international talent but in recent times, a lot of consideration has been made when appointing qualified locals with the relevant qualifications and in turn assume executive/ general management roles with these companies.

Information Technology
Tech is the way forward for most Caribbean countries. Many of the government agencies cite that main cities are ripe with opportunity for start-ups and they are also noticing the appetite drummed up with international investors. More importantly, it was widely publicised that Barbados’ Prime Minister Mia Mottley strongly advocates for the application of digital technologies in the development of buildings throughout the country as a signal to strengthen the country’s economy and its future.
Information Technology as an industry for Barbados is carded as a key driver of success and a growing number of jobs will be an early indicator of such. Start-ups, computer labs, smart buildings, and innovations will bear witness to the rise of many key yet unexpected wins for Barbados.

Retailing, Wholesaling & Purchasing
Even though a tourist destination, it is a fallacy to think that retail, wholesale and purchasing would be driven by tourist money. Echoing notes shared earlier, the Bajan population are citizens of the world with a sophisticated taste for things. With the rise in demand for internationally produced goods (as well as a strong appreciation for locally made or regionally made ones), small shops, commercial retailers, and international brands will be better positioned to supply what is desired. Clerks, cashiers, store managers, buyers, et al will find work.

Engineering & Utilities
Barbados is taking early measures to go green. With projects under way in support of sustainability (some even ongoing from years past, including reverse osmosis of brackish waters in St. Michael, the use of solar water heating, and ongoing investigations around wind energy) we can note that the Bajan economy will see a drive for engineering jobs in these specialist areas. In addition to the more expected roles, other areas of specialisation in this sector include: Ecologists, Energy Traders, Energy Lawyers, Technicians, Scientists, and Analysts.
All this said, Barbados is poised to be more than just an island of sun, sea, and sand. The unexpected aspects that contribute to the growth of the economy will uncover jobs not yet anticipated for a small island like Barbados. Candidates, those returning from abroad and otherwise, will find work if they pay close attention to what is happening at a national level from within the government.

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