BUSINESS MONDAY: G4S Barbados revamps corporate values

G4S Secure Solutions Barbados Ltd. has announced an improved corporate Value framework aimed at increasing the levels of value to its customers.

Roger Barrow, Country Manager and Managing Director of G4S Solutions Barbados Ltd. made the announcement  at a Cocktail party on Thursday evening, to thank its esteemed customers for their support over the past year.
“We recently underwent a process of revamping our corporate values at a group level and in the coming weeks and months we will be rolling that out within our business, and we will expect, you will see the impact of that revamp in the service we deliver for you,” he said.
According to Mr Barrow, some of the values adopted by his company include, team work, integrity and service excellence.
“Service Excellence which is one of the things that I referred to, remains one of our values, as we recognize this is a process which requires continuous effort and dedication and we stand ready to offer our customers the very best service each and every time.”
He added, “To this end we have introduced a net promoter score which is intended to help us, to give us feedback, and we would like to thank you for participating in that net promoter score and over time we have found that, that has really helped us to improve our service and that has helped us to respond to any challenges there might be”
On the new values adopted by G4S, Roger Barrow said, health and safety is of prime significance to their service.
“Health and safety is important for our staff and as we deliver service to our customers, we want to make sure that it is delivered on a platform of safety, security, health for all concerned.”
G4S’s boss expressed his gratitude to customers for choosing G4S not withstanding that there are other options in the market.
“I know that everybody has choices, but we appreciate that you have made G4S your choice, we dont want to take that for granted.”
He continued, “And it is my commitment to ensure that we keep doing  better than we did today so that we continue to exceed your expectations.”
The managing Director is proud that his company is customer service focused and events such as the cocktail party gives them a better idea about the impact of G4S on their business.
“Having an event like this serves almost like a focused group in an indirect way where you can get the best of what you are doing in your organization and how that has been received by your constituents.”
G4S Barbados cocktail party was held under the patronage of the Senior Vice President Multi Country and the Caribbean at the Sweet Field Manor and Historic Inn.  (KW)

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