Agriculturalist, Dr. Leroy.

Agriculturalist, Dr. Leroy.

Business Monday: Decrease imports, increase agriculture investment

IF Government commits itself to slashing Barbados’ food import bill by at least a quarter, then this country would see more investments in Agriculture.

That’s according to Agriculturalist, Dr. Leroy McClean.

Dr. McClean said that the food import bill is about $800 million. This bill is a major concern for many people who believe that Barbados has to make a concerted effort to bring that bill down.

According to Dr. McClean, “If the government can say we have as a national policy the plan to reduce the bill by 20 per cent over the next five years, you know the amount of investment that will go into agriculture?”

However, Dr. McClean told the  call-in agricultural programme that he cannot understand why it is difficult for economists, who believe that cheaper food imports is a good sign, to see the real picture.

He also made the point that all is not lost within the sector, since output of poultry, pork and milk has increased.

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