Jenson Sylvester, Vice President of C&W Business Solutions.

BUSINESS MONDAY - C&W Business has big plans for 2017


CABLE and Wireless Business is coming with some very ambitious and exciting telecommunications solutions to help companies in Barbados and the Caribbean grow their operations, while remaining viable and competitive. 
These plans were revealed last week by Jenson Sylvester, Vice President of C&W Business Solutions – the business arm of the telecommunications company.
In an exclusive interview with Business Monday, Sylvester said that two weeks ago they at C&W Business held their annual meeting at which their strategy for 2017 was outlined.
He stated that the plans are focused around five key elements: Mobile; Fixed Voice and Fixed Data; TV/Hospitality; and Managed Services Business. 
“The latter is essentially delivering all the technology services that a business needs, and managed by us,” said Sylvester, who took up his position recently.  
“That means our customers can have access to high technology at a low capital cost,” he stated further.
The Vice President explained that one of the things they are doing on the business-to-business side is calling customers to find out about their services.
“Literally, we have a customer base segment and we are taking up the phone and calling customers about their services and whether they are experiencing any problems, and how to resolve them in the event there are issues,” he said.
“We are bringing to market products and services that are innovative; that help customers move their business forward,” he said.
“For example, we have a new suite of mobile and mobility services that help businesses to significantly improve efficiencies when dealing with their customers, and how they manage their sales force,” said the C&W official.
The services also assist businesses in managing costs, and the application on the mobile devices can allow companies to monitor the location of the devices.
However, Sylvester said that because of the different types of businesses and their varying operations, he could not pin down a figure as to how much the new services can help companies to lower their costs.
Reducing customer costs
According to him, our managed service portfolio has helped to reduce customer costs by between 15 per cent and 20 per cent in the region.
Sylvester, who says he is a Caribbean person because his parents are from the region, noted that they at C&W have a very important role to play “because we have an opportunity to impact the lives of Caribbean people in a positive way”.
He made the point that technology empowers business, education, and the people of the Caribbean. 
“So I see myself as being prepared to help people make their lives better,” he stated, while also insisting that the competition in the telecommunications industry is good.
“It is good for the consumer, our customers and for us as a business. It makes us better,” he added.

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