Building on TEDxBridgetown Platform


The organisers of TEDxBridgetown, a knowledge sharing, global, media platform devoted to sharing ideas in Barbados, are hoping to build on the TEDxBridgetown Platform, so that they can further benefit from the knowledge and innovative ideas produced during their TED Talks event.
Maria Kublalsingh, TEDxBridgetown Licensee and organising committee member, explained that the educational event which serves as a hub for innovative thinkers putting forward pioneering solutions, is usually well received and embraced by TEDx enthusiasts, but after the event is through, there is no avenue through which the innovative ideas and even solutions presented to problems can experience a follow through process. As such, she noted the need to have another platform through which dialogue can continue and lead to something grand. 
“That is something that we took (time) to think about, because we recognised that you come to the event, you get (excited), you get so motivated, but what happens after? How do we build on that? And I don’t think that the TED platform itself is going to allow us to build on that,” Kublalsingh noted.
“We need to build out another platform to work on that, because with TED, we have a licence and there are some rules and regulations that we have to run the event by, so we are currently working on building out a platform so that we can then engage the speakers. Maybe there can be discourse, because at the TED event, there is no discussion. You do your talk and then you go off,” she further explained.
“So we are looking at how we can have maybe the panel of speakers again and we can continue the dialogue after that. That’s what we are working on building now,” Kublalsingh revealed. (RSM)

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