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Prime Minister Honourable David Thompson cuts the ribbon to the Pickwick Pavilion during the opening ceremony of the Foursquare Oval on Thursday evening. Also in the photo is Pickwick Cricket Club sponsor (far left) Sir David Seale and (right) Orson Simpson President of Pickwick Cricket Club.


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Pickwick Cricket Club officially opens new ground at Foursquare Oval


By Petra Harvey

After four years in the wilderness after having to move from Kensington Oval, the Pickwick Cricket Club now has a ground to call their own. Under starry skies and moonlit canefields serving as a backdrop, the club – in operation since 1882 – held the opening ceremony on Thursday evening at the picturesque Foursquare Oval in St. Philip.

President of Pickwick Cricket Club Orson Simpson noted despite being at Kensington Oval from the club’s inception in 1882, there was a need for Pickwick to find a new home.

Orson noted that with the restructured Future Tours Programme of the International Cricket Council, they found themselves without a homeground as many of the tours were played during the domestic cricket season
“It became obvious to most except the sentimentalists that this was impacting heavily on club life, and that the long term survival of the club was being challenged,” said Orson.

Orson also noted that without the kind assistance of Sir David Seale the club would probably still be without a place to call home today.

“Around the time we were negotiating with the Barbados Cricket Association, Sir David informed the club through our then president Philip Nicholls, that he was willing to donate some land at Foursquare to the club.

A couple of them met with Sir David and where we are is as a result of those discussions,” said Simpson.

Simpson stated that Pickwick Cricket Club would be eternally grateful for Sir David’s generosity and that the club has decided that he should be made an honorary member of the club.

He also noted that the club was also grateful for the kind assistance given to them from the University of the West Indies, First Caribbean International Bank, Maxwell Sports Club, St. John the Baptist Club and the Market Hill Sports Club.

“Now that we are here at Foursquare we accept that much will be expected of us. I now challenge the playing members to work diligently with your support personnel in order to maximise your potential; we must be wary of mediocrity.

“I am aware that some persons believe I am tough about discipline but they should know I have no problem with such a characterisation. I can assure you that ill-discipline will not be tolerated by this club. We are prepare to give members any support they may require, but they must recognise they must commit to their responsibilities,” said Simpson.

Prime Minister Hon. David Thompson was on hand to cut the ribbon to the new Pickwick Pavilion and noted that he was a proud member of the Pickwick Cricket Club for two years.

“I have watched all the developments and I thank those who contributed to the building of this facility. I thank Sir David for making this ground available and I can’t think of any location that is better suited to Pickwick Cricket Club,” said Thompson.

Pickwick Cricket Club was founded on November 23 1882 and its former home is the historic Kensington Oval.

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