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Jerome Blackett (far left) and Jamar Maynard (third right) Barbados’ two representatives in the CARICOM 10k run, accepting their plane tickets from Lieutenant Morris (second from left) and Erskine King (third from left) respectively, while their coach and manager Leo Garnes (second right) receives his sponsorship from Adrian Donavan.


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Blackett and Maynard set to represent Barbados in Caricom 10K Run


By Randy Bennett

The Barbados Defence Force’s (BDF) duo of Jerome Blackett and Jamar Maynard have been selected to represent Barbados in the CARICOM 10k run slated to run off in Guyana on June 28th.

This was disclosed at a press conference held at the BDF headquarters yesterday, which was attended by Director of the National Sports Council, Erskine King, Assistant Director of the National Sports Council, Adrian Donovan, and Head of the BDF sports program, Lieutenant Morris.

The two will join athletes from the other CARICOM islands for the annual event, which is in it’s fourth year of running after having started in 2005 in St. Lucia, with Barbados having hosted the event in it’s third year.

“It is indeed an honour to have two representatives from the Barbados Defence Force Sports Programme (BDFSP) to be selected to represent Barbados at this event.

The BDFSP was mandated in 1991 to produce a calibre of athlete who would be able to represent Barbados at the national level, and this is a great honour to be recognised that over the past year the BDFSP has been fulfilling that mandate.

We have had approximately nine footballers represent Barbados, we’ve had members of the Barbados Table Tennis Association, four athletes representing Barbados at the regional level in cricket, and also two members of the Amateur Boxing Association of Barbados, representing Barbados not only at the regional level, but also in the 53rd Military World Games which were held in Azerbaijan.

It is a privilege for us to partner with the National Sports Council and the Amateur Athletic Association of Barbados to ensure that our athletes are showcased at the highest level, and that they be rewarded and recognised for the input that they have made”, Lieutenant Morris added.

The two youngsters although competing in their first race outside of Barbados, held high hopes of turning in good performances on what could be a challenging course.

“I was quite surprised when I got the news that I would be representing Barbados, but although it came as a surprise it didn’t catch me offguard as I was already involved in rigorous training with Jerome and my coach Leo Garnes.
We were already putting in 30 to 40 miles a week in training, as I was more so concentrating on the upcoming nationals, but I will be looking to put my best foot forward”, Maynard said.

Blackett was however not surprised at him being chosen to take part in the event as he is a genuine and competent long distance runner.

“It wasn’t a surprise when I heard I had been chosen because the 5 000 metres is my pet event and I have been training really hard. Usually on a Sunday I would go out and run sometimes as much as 19k. I know we will perform well because we have been training everyday and we are well prepared”.

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