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BCA election campaign getting fierce


With the Barbados Cricket Association 11th Special meeting scheduled for Wednesday August 14th it is expected a number positions will be fiercely contested.

Whoever wins this election will have to put some meaningful and strategic programmes in place as a number of them have not worked in the past couple of years.

However heading that list should not only be a code of ethics but also a directive as to how the board members should act as some campaigning has reached a low point.

Recently a number of emails have been circulated outside of the board and the confidentiality of the matters which were to only be discussed among board members has not only come into question but is now clearly forsaken.

Privileged matters meant only for the eyes of the board members via email have left a bitter taste in many of their mouths and it leaves to question if some of the said persons are elected to serve with each other how will it work or will they step down.

These matters have seemingly stemmed from an article which appeared in the press in which the current president Joel Garner was reported to have given his side about the responsibility of the honorary general secretary of the BCA, Gregory Nicholls.

The matter dates back to the nomination of the West Indies Cricket Board president and vice president and matters in which correspondence was supposed to be sent to the candidates.

The board had met previously and attempted to vote for their candidates and have them submitted but there was a fraction or persons on the board who voiced their intentions on not supporting certain candidates.

There was great discussion on the matter and when it was put the vote a number of members walked out in protest saying they had no intentions in taking part in the vote.

It seemed that their intention was to cause the meeting to break up without a quorum but they did not succeed.

However they did succeed in halting the vote, at least temporarily, as a member said that he would not want to have a vote without the full board being present and he wanted to give them a chance to participate in the vote.

It was decided then to have a round robin via email as to the voting and it was done by the then CEO Michael Browne via email.

In the now circulated emails Nicholls published in that he was at a complete lost to see how the BCA can seek to elect the president of the WICB via an email. He expressed his view that an issue as serious as this should have been done at a face to face meeting.

The CEO proceeded to inform that the board had taken a decision.

However Nicholls has expressed his lack of confidence in the BCA president and this raises the issue should Garner be elected president on August 14th, will he still contest the post and operate under Garner.

And if Conde Riley is defeated as president is he still going to contest the first vice presidency as he will also have to sit under Garner.

In 2011 when Calvin Hope challenge for the presidency he came back and took back up his term as an ordinary board member, so it is not an anomaly for this to occur.

But order must be restored as lines have been crossed and thrust broken. Regardless of position one should keep within certain guidelines. If there are none set as yet this needs to be ratified as soon as possible for confidence to be restored among the board and its members.

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