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Russell Elcock looking for an improved season


By Corey Greaves

YOUNG and talented cyclist Russell Elcock has his sights set on an even better season this year.

After placing second on numerous occasions in the 2012 season, Elcock – who made the transition into the senior category last year – is looking to go one better this year.

However, he is well aware that cycling and winning races is not who has the better form or even the strongest rider at times.

“The strongest rider doesn’t always win the road race but the key is to be smart,” said the young rider who turned 19 years old in December.

“You might be the strongest man out there but it is the smartest man who wins the race.”

Elcock pointed out that competing in the road race is not only about riding, one has to be smart and go into the race with a plan, otherwise they can be left by the wayside.

With one week left before the start of the Barbados Cycling Union’s season, Elcock said that he knows where his weaknesses are and has been working on some of them during training.

Though he said he needs a bit more form, Elcock believes that it is adequate for the first race of the season.

One of his major problems last year stemmed from him not having a bicycle during the middle of the year.

During the month of May and June, Elcock said his bike was sent back to the makers for repairs and this threw off his training.

This year, he is trying to get a second bicycle as a back-up in case it happens again.

After a month layoff while he concentrated on his exams at the University of the West Indies, he has been back in training from early December.

“I needed the rest. They say don’t stop training but you have to stop so that your body can get some rest. If you keep continuously training, by the time half the year has come, your body is tired and you wouldn’t want to ride anymore. The break was to recover from the hard season so that I can better prepare for this season.”

This year Elcock has his sights set on the Under-23 World Championships in Italy in September, as well as a better placing in the National Road race and the Caribbean Road Race.

All of this on his journey to a possible berth in the Olympics.

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