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Cricket Legends of B’dos given the nod by WIBC head


The not too distant future could possibly see an accord being struck between Cricket Legends of Barbados (CLOBI) and the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). This is one of the considerations being made after the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of the WICB, Michael Muirhead, toured the CLOBI museum at the Herbert House headquarters yesterday.

Along with WICB President Dr. Julian Hunte, the new WICB head was one of the few persons ever to be graced with a tour of the most comprehensive cricket museum in Barbados by Barbadian and West Indian great Sir Wes Hall. After the tour Sir Wes and several of the other Barbadian Legends such as Seymour Nurse, Charlie Griffith and Rawle Branker along with CLOBI General Manager Michael Lucas, sat in a meeting to discuss the future of both brands working in tandem, which show loads of potential on the world stage. During the meeting Sir Wes explained that it is the vision and hope of CLOBI to see their model adopted throughout the other territories in the West Indies that future generations would know and remember the rich heritage that West Indies Cricket has enjoyed since its meteoric rise to glory and prior.

Dr. Hunte, also noted that this visit would help to give some on-the-ground insight into the ongoing 2011-2016 strategic plan which was set up in an effort to raise the level of West Indies Cricket and its brand world-wide. “Of course one element of that strategic plan has to do with the legends and how do we, as a board, make effective use of those persons who have played before and have retired. How do we make use of the skills that they may have? Not necessarily only in coaching but in mentoring and a whole number of areas,” Dr. Hunte said.

Muirhead, who brings to the table years of experience as a management consultant, has hit the ground running and stated that he was impressed with the ideas brought to the fore by Cricket Legends of Barbados. He went on to say that the WICB would clearly benefit from adopting the model that the Legends has created and that opportunities for further partnership between the two entities were feasible in the future.

“I think we undersell our brand and we are certainly not promoting it and it’s an area that I am really going to focus on because apart from us celebrating West Indians, it really has a commercial aspect to it, which I think we can capitalise on. What exists now it doesn’t depict who we are and what we are in the world of cricket, so that is an area in which I will most definitely be collaborating with you (CLOBI) in,” he said.

Muirhead, who was appointed to his position at the end of last month, is in Barbados for his first leg of visits to the territories that fall under the WICB. (MP)

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