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Well deserved honour for former head


As Head Boy early in his tenure as headmaster at Harrison College, and a student in the Maths VI, I had broad contact with Mr Albert Williams during my last year at school. His ‘normal’ was insistence on excellence in all things. Challenging, but achievable.
Furthermore, his critical presentation of the disciplined thinking that is core to mathematics has proven to be directly, and most beneficially, transferable from the classroom to the boardroom.

I last had the privilege of exchanging greetings with Mr Williams in 2005, after a period of over 35 years, and was honoured by his recognition of me and kind words. On behalf of myself and all of us who have successfully carried his lessons around the globe, I would like to thank him for his efforts and express my appreciation to the Old Harrisonians and others who organised the recent recognition function for our former Headmaster Mr. Williams.

Michael Rudder
Vancouver, Canada

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