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BFA president concerned about future of football


Dark days are ahead for football in Barbados unless some serious changes are made. For years, the largest public outcry has been that the attitudes and lack of discipline of players would be the undoing of the sport and the latest episode in a sure-to-be-continued series occurred yesterday.

In the dying minutes of the Barbados Football Association’s Youth Tournament Under-17 final between Gall Hill and Pro Shottas, there were some unsettling events that saw two players being ejected from the field of play. Following the dismissals, there was an altercation which involved a player from another team, which saw a rapid escalation of events.

In an exclusive interview with the Barbados Advocate, President of the Barbados Football Association (BFA), Randy Harris, condemned the events on the day and stated that there was no excuse for the behaviour.

“We have to deal with these matters and I was there and saw what was going on and these players will have to come before the Disciplinary Committee because we can’t have that kind of behaviour in football,” he said.

Harris, who took an active role in mediating during yesterday’s occurrences, said that the first step would be for the involved persons to meet with the disciplinary committee as they have the responsibility for such matters, then justice to take its course from there. He then went on to say that although he had his personal feelings about what actions should be taken, the rights to make those decisions belonged solely to the committee.

“It is unacceptable behaviour and I wouldn’t want to influence any decisions that might be made by the Disciplinary Committee, but I was there and I was quite unhappy with the standard of behaviour exhibited, especially in a final,” Harris stated.

At a time when football in Barbados could do with all of the assistance that it can get, Harris explained that he wanted to ensure the players and public alike that behaviour as such demonstrated yesterday would never be condoned.

“We are really working hard to get people involved with assisting in football, whether they are bringing financial resources or technical resources. This is not something that the BFA can tolerate at this time,” he said. (MP)

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