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Admiral Guan You Fei, Deputy Chief Foreign Affairs Officer, Ministry of National Defence, People’s Republic of China; Ambassador to Barbados, Mr. Wei Qiang; and BDF Chief of Staff, Colonel Alvin Quintyne, making their way off the HMBS Trident.


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Chinese and BDF working together


The Chinese Government is intent on strengthening the long-standing friendship it has had with the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) and by extension Barbados.

According to Admiral Guan You Fei, Deputy Chief Foreign Affairs Officer, Ministry of National Defence of China, this is one of the three goals that he and his delegation are hoping to meet while in Barbados. The six-member contingent arrived on Thursday for a two-day visit, which is being hosted by the BDF.

Speaking to the media following a tour of the Barbados Coast Guard Headquarters, HMBS Pelican, and a trip out to sea on the HMBS Trident, the Admiral said that his government puts high importance on developing a strong friendship with the Barbados Defence Force and sees that co-operation as an important part of the relations that currently exist between the two countries.

Additionally, the Admiral said that they hope that their visit to Barbados will also provide an avenue to further enhance mutual understanding and mutual confidence. He said that while the two countries are far apart from each other, he is certain that a much higher level of understanding and mutual trust can be achieved through increased contact and exchanges.

With that in mind, the Admiral said the delegation is also expecting that through their visit, they can facilitate friendly co-operation between the armed forces of the two countries. The Chinese Government official further told the media that one of the highlights of that co-operation is the training of personnel.

“Earlier this morning, I and the Chief of Staff of the Barbados Defence Force, Colonel Alvin Quintyne, had very frank and open dialogue on ways and means to further enhance our bilateral co-operation between the two military forces. I believe the discussions have been very productive,” he said. (JRT)

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