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Alleged host denies knowing Myrie


Pamela Clarke of Hillaby St. Andrew testified before the Caribbean Court of Justice yesterday, that she never spoke to Jamaican national Shanique Myrie and arrangements were never made by her, for Myrie to stay at her home in March 2011.

In fact, Clarke, a middle aged woman, told the Court, it was her neighbour and good friend Daniel Forde, an environmental health inspector with the Ministry of Health, who requested of her that her name and telephone number be given to a “personal friend from Jamaica”, who was due to come to the island, in case that person could not reach him.

As the case of Shanique Myrie against the Government of Barbados continued in Court 1 of the Supreme Court here in Barbados for the second day, Clarke, who was the first new witnessed called that day, repeatedly stated that she did not know Myrie personally. She was therefore surprised, she said, that her name was used as a host for the Jamaican, when in fact, as she put it, “she was not coming to me”.

Under cross examination from Myrie’s attorney Nancy Anderson, Clarke testified that when Forde approached her to ask permission for the use of her name and number in 2011, she assumed that the “personal friend” was a female, but she insisted that Forde did not tell her the female’s name. Clarke noted that on the day in question, March 14th 2011, she was in her shop when she received a call from “Danny” that evening, asking if she had heard anything from his visitor. She replied that she did not. Clarke stressed that she was expecting a call from “the visitor” only if she had problems when she got out of the airport and Daniel was not there, since he had a funeral to attend.

Instead, she noted, she received calls from a police officer and an airport official that evening, with the officer asking whether she was expecting someone from Jamaica and the official later questioning her as to whether it is a practice of hers to “clear people from the Immigration”.

“The police called and said the visitor was there. I told him Daniel would collect her” she recalled, noting that she would later have to relay to the officer the colour of clothing Daniel was wearing. Her indication was that he was dressed in black, as he was now coming from a funeral.

Clarke admitted that she was indeed surprised to get a call from the Police, since she did not consent to having her details – name, telephone number and address – used for the purpose of an Immigration Form. She also noted that she would be even more surprised if Daniel told the police that she would pick up Myrie, since she suffers from a hip ailment, which has plagued her for more than 15 years and causes her to walk with a slight limp.

Clarke, who continually stressed that she never conversed with Myrie over the telephone, nor via e-mail since she only obtained a laptop computer as a gift last December and did not have Internet service at the time, maintained that she never told Daniel she had a room Myrie could stay in, as proposed by the Claimant’s attorney.

Rising to his feet after Clarke’s round of questioning by the Claimant’s (Myrie’s) attorney, lead attorney for Barbados Roger Forde Q.C, had only one question for Clarke.

“Did you invite Ms. Myrie to stay with you?” he asked Clarke.

“No!” was the frank reply from Pamela Clarke, which completed her testimony. (RSM)

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