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Rescind transfer letters, says BSTU


By Amanda Nieves

The ideal solution to the ongoing Alexandra saga in the eyes of the Barbados Secondary Teachers Union (BSTU) would be for the Ministry to rescind the transfer letters issued to all of the teachers.

This comment was made by President of the BSTU, Mary Redman, yesterday shortly after she met with approximately 17 of the teachers who have received letters of transfer.

“The ideal solution would be a rescinding of the letters of transfer, or at least a suspension at this point in time towards further negotiations,” Redman said.

She added that the rescinding of the letters would be ideal, with the exception of the letter that sees Jeff Broomes transferred away from the Alexandra School. Redman added, however, that if the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry were followed more closely, Broomes would have been removed from the school system altogether.

“[Rescind the transfer letters] with the exception of Mr. Broomes. The Commission of Inquiry report was explicit in its findings, and coming out of those findings there was the clear recommendation that Mr. Broomes not even be retained in the school system. The recommendation was clear that he should be placed in another department of the public service and he has in fact been inflicted on an innocent and unsuspecting school environment,” Redman pointed out.

The teachers will return to the BSTU headquarters today, but that union is still hoping that a meeting will be called where a solution can be found, once and for all.

“The teachers are coming back here tomorrow, but we are confident that common sense will prevail and that in the interest of the children what needs to be done will be done, and will be done expeditiously,” Redman stated.

When questioned about whether the BSTU will resort to more strike action, the Union leader simply stated that they are “taking it one day at a time”.

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