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Recycling has to become a way of life for each and every person residing in this country, not just to protect the environment, but to boost the economy.

Managing Director of B’s Recycling, Paul Bynoe, maintains that Barbados cannot afford to be left behind the rest of the world when it comes to recycling, and he is urging the powers that be to ensure that the requisite laws are in place so that where the initiative is not there on the part of Barbadians to engage in such activities, they can be urged through the law to get into the practice of recycling.

“People would leave these shores and go overseas and put everything in the garbage bin and throw it outside. So yes, people know about recycling. Right now I think it is just a matter of a little laziness that people are not recycling, but with good advertising and a
little help along the way from Government and the people that can open doors and windows; I am confident that every last Bajan will recycle. It can happen and it must happen, but we must enforce the right laws and so on to ensure that it does,” he said during a recent interview with The Barbados Advocate.

Bynoe said that there are many benefits to the economy, especially where new products can be made from recycled materials. Moreover, he noted that in addition to reducing the amount of garbage that is sent to the landfill on a daily basis and reducing the impact on the environment, recycling efforts can create new opportunities for business in such areas as freighting, processing and the selling of recovered materials, which would in turn create jobs.

He made the comments as he noted that there are some ventures being explored now at the local level and more can come on board if the requisite environment is created to allow them to flourish.

“It is a win-win situation for each and every Barbadian, but in order for them to benefit, they must get on board,” he maintained. (JRT)

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