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Tourism is everyone’s business


There is a role for everyone in the Democratic Labour Party’s (DLP) vision of how the tourism industry should be run in Barbados.

This was stressed by Richard Sealy, Minister of Tourism and MP for St. Michael South Central, during the DLP meeting of St. Michael West, held at St Leonard’s Secondary School last night.

“No longer is the tourism industry only about restaurateurs and hoteliers; there is a role for the framers, community tourism, vendors – a role for everyone,” he emphasised.

According to Sealy, there are other services in which tourism can form the core.
“The international business sector and tourism have natural synergies and so we want to develop more opportunities for our young people, not only careers in hospitality, but careers in international business.”

“When I say that the future of Barbados is services, we are talking about the full range – entrepreneurial services, international business services, agricultural opportunities and the post- harvest technologies and also key in terms of this government’s future outlook on this country is the green economy and the energy sector. That is about making Barbados more energy-independent, by relying more on our locally produced natural gas, etc. This is where this government’s head is.”

The Tourism Minister further stressed that the Democratic Labour Party is providing a progressive government at work.

“We have already started to think about Barbados going forward. We are thinking ahead. Therefore, there is no need to entertain the alternative at this stage.” (TL)

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