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(from right) Acting Prime Minister, Richard Sealy; Senator Irene Sandiford-Garner; DLP candidate for St. Joseph, Dennis Holder; DLP General Secretary, George Pilgrim; and Minister of Transport and Works, John Boyce were all in attendance at yesterday’s 57th anniversary service at the St. Anne’s Anglican Church.


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Institutions urged: Don't let influence wane


There are some incidents occurring in this country that would suggest that our society is drifting in the wrong direction.

Canon Dr. Geoffrey Mayers, priest in charge of the St. Anne’s Anglican Church, made the comments as he delivered the sermon there yesterday morning, in which he made reference to a recent fight during a basketball game that has resulted in the players involved being disciplined for their behaviour.

Among the congregation were the members of the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) gathered to commemorate the 57th anniversary of the Party.

Canon Mayers also suggested to the congregation that generally speaking, the influence on society of institutions such as the Church and political parties seems to be waning.

“The Church does not exist for itself, neither does a political party; we exist that we may be of service to our fellow human beings. Our Church or political parties maybe losing some of our influence because our focus may be too much on us, rather than on the persons on who we are called to serve,” he added.

He continued, “The influence of institutions is waning; we need to have the power of story.

It was the power of story that convinced those persons in the early Church, that convinced persons throughout the ages – we need to recapture the power of story. We need, I believe both political parties and Church, probably need to focus less on ourselves and focus more on the message that we have to bring.”

With that in mind, he noted that the DLP as a political institution has made a significant contribution to the shaping of the lives of men and women of this nation and he added, he has no doubt that they will continue to do so. To that end, he wished the DLP every blessing as they celebrated yet another milestone. (JRT)

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