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Alleyne students demonstrate excellence


By Khalil Goodman

THE present economic climate reinforces the need for Barbadian students to take full advantage of free secondary school education to adapt in the global market.

Principal of the Alleyne School, Erwin Greaves, speaking at that school¡¯s Speech Day and Thanks-giving Service yesterday, said that now more than ever the students must get the maximum benefit out of their education. ¡°In the last few months, you have become familiar with such words as ¡®global downturn¡¯, ¡®stimulus package¡¯, ¡®bail-out¡¯. We live in a world of uncertainty. It is [necessary for] our students to be prepared for the challenges.¡±

Greaves noted that the Alleyne School offers the students a rich and diverse curriculum and implored his students to take full advantage of this. He said that it is now clear that the school¡¯s students specifically and Barbados¡¯ students generally, ¡°must be more innovative, more resourceful to deal with the challenges of the global market¡±.

Principal Greaves, in his report, noted that the school continues to see growth in the achievements of the student body and in the past year especially, in the area of athletics.

The school is presently undertaking the construction of a Sports Hall to
enhance this area of the school¡¯s endeavours. Estimated to cost $1.6 million, Principal Greaves revealed that the Alleyne Alumni Association has contributed $43 000 to the project. Additional contributions from individual alumni, past graduation classes and the present student body have helped the project, which started last year. Greaves stated that in ten months, the official opening ceremony for the new Sports Hall Complex should occur.

¡®Personal education equals national education¡¯

Featured speaker, Tennyson Springer, Director of the Psychiatric Hospital and former Alleyne School student, encouraged his audience to recognise that their personal upliftment, through education, benefits the entire nation. He also told the students to recognise that they are competing in a global market and will vie with regional and international peers for jobs.

Springer noted that it is vital that the students have both a sound educational background and diverse skill sets.

¡°Everyone will be going into the interview with the same certificates as you,¡± he said, adding that the additional skills is what will set them apart.

The students were honoured with prizes for their achievements, which were presented by Celeste Springer. Some of the multiple prize winners included Kay Williams, who won four prizes
including the school¡¯s Joseph Richards Memorial prize for exceptional CXC Results; and Jamar Thompson, who won four prizes including the Carrol Bourne Trophy for All-Around Good Performance in Academic and Practical areas. Second form student Michelle Millar won several prizes, including the Principal¡¯s Honour Roll Award. Student Hewley Watson won a prize for Leadership and The Alleyne School Alumni Award (Barbados Chapter); while Rashad Lewis was given a prize of $3 000 from The Alleyne School Alumni Award (Canadian Chapter).
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