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United States Attorney General, Eric Holder.


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Deportation issues on agenda


By Amanda Nieves

While forging partnerships with the Caribbean on security challenges, the United States of America has also agreed to evaluate deportation issues.

This was mentioned by United States Attorney General, Eric Holder, during a press briefing held at the US Embassy yesterday. The briefing followed meetings between the Attorney General of the United States and those of Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, St. Kitts, St. Vincent, and Dominica.

Addressing the issue of the deportation of convicts after they have served their sentences in a United States prison, Holder said that while it is under the laws of the United States that these deportations can take place, more effort has to be made so that these deportations do not disrupt the country to which convicts are being sent.

He added that a key thing going forward in these cases would be better communication between the United States and the respective country.

“That is one of the things we will try to work on, to perhaps communicate a lot better than we have in the past, to prepare nations receiving these people better than we have in the past, but to make sure that we do this in a way that does not disrupt the peaceful situations in the nations where these people are going,” Holder stated.

In terms of what can be done to rehabilitate prisoners, Holder said that work is being done to equip these people to effectively handle situations outside of prison, whether it be in the United States or in the Caribbean.

“That is one of the things that we have tried to do in the Obama Administration, we have really put an emphasis on what we call re-entry efforts, so that all people coming out of our prison facilities are better equipped to deal with their situations outside of prisons so that they can become more productive citizens whether they are released into the United States or into nations here in the Caribbean,” Holder noted.

He said that the aim of these re-entry efforts is to have people coming out of the United States prison system, who are less likely to commit crimes again.

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