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This Brazilian dancer had the attention of everyone yesterday.


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Samba group promoting Brazil across island


By Amanda Nieves

Brazilian samba group, Sociedade Rosas de Ouro, is currently in Barbados promoting Brazilian culture while both entertaining and educating Barbadians.

On the island since July 26, the group has been enjoying the Barbadian lifestyle while also promoting that of Brazil. Paying a courtesy call to the Minister of Tourism yesterday, they gave an entertaining performance which included the playing of instruments, singing and impressive dancing.

The group will also be making appearances at the Crane Hotel, at summer camps, and will be doing workshops with the National Cultural Foundation (NCF) teaching how to make their elaborate costumes and how to play their instruments, among other things.

Obviously impressed with the performance of the samba group, Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy, said that the idea when the Brazilian market was opened was to have active exchanges of Brazilian culture with Barbadian culture, such as what this group is bringing.

“When I spoke of the whole question of opening up the Brazilian source market, I had felt very strongly then that it was really about more than tourism, and of course it is about the possibilities of exchanges and involving the Brazilian way of life and the Brazilian culture in everyday Barbados. I think you have an elegant example of this samba group coming up here for Crop Over and not only enjoying themselves, but doing some worthwhile work through the National Cultural Foundation workshops and so on to help develop our own dance groups and other similar cultural groups. I think that is a wonderful thing,” Sealy stated.

The Minister also made the announcement that the samba group has expressed genuine interested in returning to Barbados next year, along with a host of Brazilians, to take part in Crop Over, and even perhaps fill a section in a Kadooment band.

“In fact, having invested in bringing the group here this year, I am told they are coming back next year and they are going to be playing a more meaningful role in Crop Over and possibly even taking up a large section in a Crop Over band. We could actually see charters put on just to bring in the Brazilians for Crop Over and that is what we have been saying all along,” Sealy added.

He reiterated his point that if Barbados wishes to be considered a truly successful tourism destination, new source markets have to be developed, and Brazil is one of these source markets that simply cannot be ignored.

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