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Minister of Tourism, Richard Sealy, got involved in part of the performance of the Brazilian samba group Sociedade Rosas de Ouro. The group was in Barbados to promote Brazil during the Crop Over Season.


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Brazil beckons


By Amanda Nieves

Barbadians must start taking advantage of the weekly flights available from Barbados to Brazil.

This encouragement has come fromMinister of Tourism, Richard Sealy, who spoke to the media after an impromptu performance of the Brazilian samba group Sociedade Rosas de Ouro during a courtesy call at the Ministry of Tourism yesterday.

“I think it is really important as well that Barbadians start to see Brazil as a place that they would want to visit. Too many Barbadians tend to look north when they want to recreate themselves and have a vacation but you have to start to see Brazil [as an option], not only leisure seekers but also business opportunities as well. We can start to trade with the many different companies and so on in Brazil,” Sealy stated.

He also mentioned the many business opportunities that are available in Brazil and said that Barbadian businessmen should be taking advantage of these. He added that an increase in business and trade between the two countries could also influence an increase in the frequency of flights.

“We have done our part in terms of providing some direct airlift. I totally appreciate that a weekly flight is not conducive of business travel… and one of the reasons why again we are hoping that if we can increase the demand for service here in Barbados… then we can also help to contribute to the whole issue of increasing the frequency of the flight because ultimately that is the direction we want to go in,” Sealy added.

The Minister’s comments were echoed by the Barbados Tourism Authority representative in Brazil, Gisele Abrahao, who said that although Barbadians are very welcome in Brazil, very few of them are taking advantage of the direct flight.

“There are very few Barbadians that are going to Brazil. But once again it is just because of structuring and they have some difficulties buying tickets here because of the currency exchange, but it is being solved.
The Barbadians are always very welcome in Brazil and I hope you come because this exchange is very important because once you are there you are an ambassador for your island. Once you are there meeting the Brazilians you are going to tell them what Barbados is all about,” Abrahao stated.

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