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A truck dumping mould on the fire at the Mangrove Pond Landfill, St. Thomas.


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Tire blaze at Mangrove mostly contained


NINETY-FIVE per cent of the blaze at the Mangrove Pond Landfill, St. Thomas was contained yesterday and by today it is expected that all of the burning tyres would be covered over with mould.

Speaking to the Barbados Advocate yesterday, Acting General Manager of the Sanitation Service Authority, Stanton Alleyne said, “hopefully by yesterday evening or today, we will have the whole area covered over and over the next three weeks, we will be dealing with all of the hot spots and controlling them”.

Alleyne added that there is hardly any smoke going down the hill now but the aim was that by the end of yesterday, the SSA staff, C.O. Williams construction company and Sustainable Barbados Recycling Centre would be able to control most of the smoke. However, he said it is expected that there will be some smoke when hot spots pop up over the next couple of weeks.
Speaking about yesterday’s operations, he said, “we are getting some water from private sources and we are wetting some of the hot spots. We are managing it but at a slower pace than over the weekend because that equipment has gone back doing its duties and some of our equipment as well as we still have to deal with garbage collection”.

The acting general manager said that the fight to contain the fire continued on Sunday night up to 9 p.m. and resumed yesterday at 5 a.m.

Up to Sunday night, between 600 to 900 loads of soil were placed on the tyres and some of the hot spots. From Sunday, water was also used to cool the hot spots since the temperature at the landfill has gone down.

The Barbados Fire Service remained on standby on Sunday and yesterday.

Over the weekend, residents of Arch Hall, St. Thomas complained about the smoke and some expressed the view that the time has come to relocate the landfill.

Burning tyres triggered the fire, which started just after 7 p.m. on Saturday night. (AR)

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