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Sam Lordís can be saved


Any building that can be saved should be saved, especially when that building has historical and cultural significance to a country.

This is the belief of Dr. Karl Watson, a Senior Lecturer in the Department of History and Philosophy in the Faculty of Humanities at the University of the West Indies (UWI) Cave Hill Campus.

Speaking to the media recently at the press launch of the Journal of the Barbados Museum and Historical Society Volume LVI December 2010 at the Museum, he said that he saw no reason why Sam Lordís Castle cannot be saved.

Sam Lordís Castle was destroyed by a fire of unknown origin, which broke out on October 20 of this year. According to reports, the building was extensively destroyed, leaving only its frame.

Dr. Watson believes that some engineers are too quick to say that once a building receives some damage that it cannot be saved and therefore, it must be torn down and rebuilt. However, once someone is determined to save a building that they can save that building, he maintained.

He said that when he served in the foreign service, he was sent as a Consul General to West Germany and he saw firsthand how the administration and other stakeholders in that country sought to restore various structures, which had been destroyed during World War 2 and which were of special significance to the citizens of that country, and he would like to see the same efforts be made here for Sam Lordís Castle.

The castle was built by Samuel Hall Lord (1778-1844), one of the most famous buccaneers in Barbados at the time. It is said that he acquired the wealth for his mansion by directly pillaging ships that were left in the lurch in the coral reefs just off the coast of his castle.

The 72-acre, 248-room property was eventually turned into one of Barbadosís most famous hotels, where distinguished persons from British royalty such as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip to international superstars spent time there over the years. It was even used as a location for the filming 15 episodes of the American soap opera, the Bold and the Beautiful. (PJT)

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