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Some of the children who participated in the Lions Club of Barbados South’s UN Youth Day beach clean-up. Centre in Lions jacket is President Corlis Weekes-Grazette; behind her is subcommittee chairperson Sylvester Cutting. Also present are camp counsellors and 4-H leaders Tonia Applewhaite, Evette Cox and Rosemary James.


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Young students clean beach on UN Youth Day


By Erica Lazare

SEVERAL 4-H Lions Club members from the southern zone as well other children from the St. Lawrence Primary School camp – equalling 20 eager and environmentally conscious young people – converged on a south coast beach recently to clear the area of over 100 pounds of garbage.

Under the supervision of the president of Lions Club of Barbados South and 4-H leader and co-ordinator, Corlis Weekes-Grazette, chairperson of the club’s youth, education and environment subcommittee, Sylvester Cutting, along with camp counsellors and 4-H leaders, the children started promptly at 8:00 a.m. in the area of the Coral Sands Beach Hotel and made their way to Worthing Beach.

Wearing protective gloves and armed with a wheelbarrow, they combed the sand with rakes and their hands to extract any foreign items from the popular beach, finding plastic plates and cups, large tree branches, pieces of wood, plastic bags, old fishing nets, condoms, cigarette lighters and butts and plastic and glass bottles dotted along the landscape.

Many shared with the Barbados Advocate their enjoyment of the exercise, but knew all too well of the importance of the morning’s efforts.

“I feel as though I am making a good contribution to the environment,” said one youngster, who was backed up by her peers.
Another young lady stated it was especially a big deal for her to come out and play her part as she is notoriously scornful in touching dirty objects.

Others expressed that they knew the objects collected were harmful to the sea and marine life such as turtles and fish, which can become trapped in plastic debris.

The knowledgeable group was adverse to any form of littering or illegal dumping, citing the health of Barbados’ gullies and beaches as the main sufferers. They were adamant that there should be severe penalties against persons who disregarded the law and common decent principles.

“Heavy fines, jail and community service,” was the answer from one boy.

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