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More arrivals from Germany as airlift increases


Increased arrivals are expected to Barbados from Germany by year-end.

This as airline Condor has confirmed that it will be doubling its flights into this island by November.

According to news reports, the Barbados Tourism Authority’s (BTA) aviation consultant Neville Boxill said this will lead to two flights arriving each Monday, heading from Frankfurt to Barbados, to St. Lucia, back to Frankfurt and each Friday, heading from Frankfurt to Barbados to St. Lucia, back to Frankfurt.

The service will utilise a 270-seat Boeing 767 aircraft.

Earlier this year, President of the BTA David Rice and its Vice President Europe Robert Keysselitz, met with Condor at Germany’s largest trade show, ITB, and these talks focused on how to make travel via Condor more affordable compared to competing outbound destinations in Germany and surrounding cities. Boxill commented that these talks have already begun to bear fruit.

“We are pleased also that Condor has revised its pricing model so consumers now have more competitive pricing and more travel options, so that the flight overall will be more appealing coming out of Germany,” Boxill said.

Most importantly, this arrangement is set to be year-round and will permit the creation of three, five, seven, 10 and 14-day packages, whereas before it would only have permitted 7 or 14-day packages. These flexible travel arrangements are expected to increase the appeal of the destination among consumers with variant travel windows.

Additionally, since natives to this region are accustomed to domestic air travel, it is expected that significant traffic from within Europe can also be fed to this gateway from neighbouring market segments. Where possible, traffic will also be driven through the UK via British Airways, Virgin or charters.

Boxill confirmed further that discussions are also ongoing with other European carriers of note, with the aim of providing even more convenient ways to visit Barbados. (JMB)

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