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Marcia Weekes, Director and Writer for Hush 1 and Hush 2, said that they hear stories that are worst than what is featured in the screen.


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Hush 3 a possibility, says director


By Patricia Thangaraj
There is a possibility of a Hush 3.

This is coming from writer and director of Hush 1 and Hush 2, Marcia Weekes, who told the Barbados Advocate that both of these films have been well received by the Barbadian public and there is a request for a continuation.

“Everybody is calling for it and it is something that we are working on and praying about as well,” said Weekes.

She added that they have a class on Fridays from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Praise Academy and persons interested in being a part of Hush 3 either playing one of the roles in the movie or doing backstage work can come out where they would receive training and from there on, the director and other key persons will select persons from this group.

There will also be a retreat for about 30 children who would be chosen from interested persons from all the secondary schools across the island. Here, participants will “use the arts as a tool for healing where there would use drama, poetry, song, painting and other art forms to express their emotions. There would also be traditional counseling that would be given by professionals.”

She said that she cannot disclose how they would choose the 30 students for the retreat, but reckoned that it “would be hard” since a lot of students would want to come. The retreat will be held at Fortesque Baptist College in St. Philip and it would run from October 30th to November 3rd. Ten counselors would accompany these students.

The film has garnered a lot of interest from both the youth who come to see the film with their respective schools in the day and the general public who come out to the night shows. Both groups have responded well to the movie and it has gotten positive reviews. The film will continue to be shown until there is a demand for it and Weekes urged those who have not seen it as yet to come out and support something local as the film is not just entertainment, but provides exposure to critical issues that are occurring here on the island and the need to not remained quiet about the issues as is normally the case, hence the name of the series – Hush.

Hush 2 will also be taken to Queens, New York on the 15th to the 23rd of October, where it will be shown to the West Indian Diaspora. She would also like to take the film to the West Indian Diaspora in Canada and the England “because they will be touched by what they are seeing as something coming out of the Caribbean.”

Hush 2 will also be shown in Jamaica in November and a month later, the film will be shown in Guyana. Hush 1 was shown in Trinidad and Jamaica.

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