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New stage for arts and craft professionals


By Colville Mounsey

ARTS AND CRAFT professionals will soon have another festival in which they can showcase the depth of Barbadian creativity. However, unlike other similar-focused festivals which have evolved into a fair for all vendors, the Barbados Artisan and Heritage Festival (BAHF) will feature only superlative Barbadian art and craft.

The event is slated for December 15, at George Washington House, a location chosen to add to the ambience of the theme of heritage.

According to co-organiser, Catherine Roachford, the idea was born out of the evident need to give the wealth of creative talent in Barbados a pedestal on which to shine for the world to see. She also explained that the event will be multi-dimensional, as it would take persons on a cultural exploration of both past and present, and would entail food and beverages among the many variations of expressions through art.

“The festival came out of a need [to have a location] which speaks to the rich heritage of Barbados, as well as to portray artisans in this country in the best light. The idea came from me being a part of festivals and not seeing the kind of attention paid to artisans and the quality of work provided by those persons,” said Roachford.

“At the festival, we actually [are] going to do a bit of the old and the new. We would also focus on food and drinks and even the entertainment would be centred around heritage.

“So we are going to have the village shop, tea, the sugar cake lady, and hopefully the handmade ice cream, so when you come, you actually get a bit of education about old Barbados. There would also be tours available through George Washington house,” added Roachford, who divulged to the press that even though there would be a vetting process, it does not mean that new blood would be shut out of what they hope would develop into a premier festival.

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