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Anglican Bishop of Barbados, the Most Reverend Dr. the Hon. John Holder, as he delivered the homily.


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Time to reflect


By Ryan Gilkes

Anglican Bishop of Barbados, the Most Reverend Dr. the Hon. John Holder, has urged Christians to hold fast to the message of Matthew 21:13: “…My house shall be called the house of prayer…”

Delivering the homily to mark the 175th Anniversary of the St. Barnabas Anglican Church at Chapel Gap earlier this week, he noted that the church was a place which reflected the goodness and presence of God.

“This was surely be one of the great challenges faced by the Church in an era of transition from slavery to freedom,” the Bishop said, as he urged the congregation to think about the important role which the church has to play in creating an equitable nation.

“The opening of [St. Barnabas] was yet another statement by Bishop William Hart Coleridge, that the Anglican Church was here to stay … this building, no doubt, became a hub for spiritual guidance and reflection ... a reminder of what Christians ought to be doing as they make [their] way to God through this world,” he stressed.

Bishop Holder further urged the congregants to look upon the pages of history and use it as a guide.

“…Not to reside there or to become bitter and angry, but rather to find there some inspiration for those that respond to the challenges in their own time. In our history, there are several people who responded to these challenges. Bishop Coleridge would have laid the groundwork for primary education in this society. There are many faithful priests and other persons in every parish who worked to spread the message of the gospel and the presence of God in the society.”

That message, he said, was to not only reflect God’s love in the way we worship while in church, but also on the outside.

“We must be guided by the Christian ideal that was practised and preached by our Lord Jesus Christ … each person in the world is a precious child of our Lord.”

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