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Keana Banfield’s grandmother, Grezelda Banfield read the third Bible reading during the service.


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Keana ‘not forgotten’


By Kerri Gooding

As her Class 1S classmates sung ‘Keana is not forgotten’, it was obvious that each and every one in the class and at the Christ Church Girls’ School has Keana Banfield and her family in their thoughts and prayers.

Speaking with The Barbados Advocate at the Interdenominational Service and Prayer Rally held at the Christ Church Parish Church on Sunday, Class 1S teacher Shaunelle Durham said that the lyrics of the song only seeks to reinforce the behaviour of the class.

She said, “Every morning before we go out and every evening before we leave we pray for Keana.”

Durham said that the practice is so ingrained since Banfield became sick and the students returned from Easter break, that on one occasion in particular, when full assembly ran late, the students reminded her, “Ma’am we still have to pray for Keana.” She said “Even in their prayers when they pray, they pray for her and her doctors and her family.”

Asked how the illness of their classmate is affecting the entire class, Durham stated, “It is very difficult. They are relying on my strength. For me to model the behaviour and we the staff are trying to be very positive. We are believing and hoping, putting God first in everything.”

When questioned about what the class misses most, Durham immediately said, “Her creativity and her voice!” She said Banfield is very creative.

Calling to memory one of their most recent interactions, she said that after school Banfield and her younger sister Elizabeth Best who attends the Girls’ School as well, helped her decorate and make pizza charts to use as aids for teaching fractions.

Durham said, “She is a little girl with a lot of potential, very sweet and she is always making these little magazines with like Pocahontas and she writes her own stories. In the class when the students did their tribute to Keana, they called her an awesome girl and said that she is fabulous because of her innate creativity.”

Students of Class 1 sung and read the Bible reading during the service for their classmate and friend Keana Banfield.

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