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President of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society of Barbados, Bonita Phillips, speaking with the Barbados Advocate recently at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium.


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Multiple Sclerosis Society disaster ready


Members of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society of Barbados are one step closer to being prepared just in case a natural disaster were to strike Barbados.

This is thanks to the Lions Club of Bridgetown, who donated $2 500 to this Society so that they could purchase a three-in-one system that consists of a flashlight, a radio and a cell phone charger.

Speaking with the media recently after the presentations were made to members at the Garfield Sobers Gymnasium, Secretary-Treasurer, Nicola Callender, said that they donated the money after a request was made by the Society for assistance in that area.

The money was raised through various fund-raising events, mainly Bingo games, that the Lions conduct for the general public, she stated.

Callender said that one of their members, the late Jeffrey Skinner, had MS and as a result of this, the Club set up a fund in his honour and every year, the Lions raise money which goes towards this fund, the benefactors of whom are the MS Society. The amount varies annually, but usually runs around $5 000.

She added that the Lions would continue to support the MS Society in any endeavour that they undertake because they recognise the value of the work that they do, especially in assisting persons who are newly diagnosed with MS in being able to cope.

Meanwhile, President of the Society, Bonita Phillips, said that in the event of a disaster when the electricity goes out, it makes it difficult for persons in wheelchairs as candles can be especially dangerous for them and they have other flashlights that are easily broken.

These flashlights, which have been imported from the USA, are not only durable, but they are solar powered, which means that they are recharged by the sunlight. Their three-in-one package also makes it easier for persons with disabilities (PWDs) as they do not have to lug around three different things.

In this way, they can have the flashlight when the electricity is out, listen to the radio to get updates and recharge their cell phone in case family and friends are trying to reach them or they want to call someone. (PJT)

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