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Depression can kill


Depression is the number one problem in mental health. In fact, it is the third greatest cause of disability among all illnesses.

This was revealed by Senior Consultant Psychiatrist with the Ministry of Health, Dr. Ermine Belle, during her remarks to the congregation at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, yesterday to mark the beginning of Mental Health Month.

In acknowledging this year’s theme “Depression: A Global Crisis”, she pointed out that there is no other theme which could be more appreciate, given the global recession in recent years.

“Through the recession we hear the news from other countries where people have lost their homes, jobs and in some cases people have decided they cannot go on living. These are true problems of a sad situation impacting.”

Dr Belle told the congregation that there is a need for society to acknowledge and appreciate what depression is all about, as depression is a killer.

“People do not like to believe that mental health illnesses can kill, but they can because burden and stress can kill.”

“In fact, we need to not only acknowledge mental health this month, but we need to understand what depression is; we need to understand more about those who suffer from this condition and make a special decision to be supportive of such people.”

“If we love, care and share with one another we would be a lot happier society,” Dr. Belle added. (TL)

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