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(From left) Members of the Lions Club South including the youth, education and environment sub-committee chairperson Sylvester Cutting, President Corlis Weekes-Grazette and welfare committee chairperson Gloria Bryan engage Class 1 students of the Gordon Walters Primary School in reading after they presented the school with a variety of books yesterday morning.


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Gordon Walters receive literacy treat from Lions


By Erica Lazare

IN HONOUR of Literacy Day last week Wednesday and due to the wet weather experienced during that time, the Lions Club of Barbados South yesterday contributed to the education of many young students through a very special presentation.

A wide variety of children’s books and teacher journals were presented to several Christ Church primary schools by members of the club as they seek to make sure the libraries help facilitate the children’s’ growth.

The Barbados Advocate was on hand during the morning’s assembly at the Gordon Walters Primary School in St. Patricks, Christ Church as President Corlis Weekes-Grazette, the club’s youth, education and environment sub-committee chairperson Sylvester Cutting and members Gloria Bryan and Pauline Holder personally handed over the collection which included encyclopedias, story books, novels and activity material.

Other schools visited yesterday were Jones Private School and St. Christopher Primary.
Cutting indicated that the new and used books are suitable for all ages while Weekes-Grazette revealed that yesterday’s event was the continuation of an education programme which started approximately three years prior.

“Back then, we started several libraries in most of the primary schools in the Christ Church area so that the children would be able to have a quiet place that they could go to read and now what we are doing today is a continuation of that, by making sure these libraries are sustained. We found out from the teachers exactly what types of books were needed and then make sure the libraries are always restocked”.

Weekes-Grazette, who is also runs the 4-H club at the school and previously expressed concern with the current state of that youth arm of the Lions Club, encouraged the pupils from infants B right through to Class 4, to join the group.

“We are inviting you to become part of this brilliant youth club and are also asking for the teachers to get on board. This is a good programme that helps with the children with their personal development as they take part in a wide range of community service”.

She added that throughout the Lionistic year, additional presentations of reading material will be donated to educational institutions in the south of the island.

Next up for the Lions is an Arbour Day celebration on September 22nd where students will be given the opportunity to plant several shaded trees.

Meanwhile, Chairperson for the welfare committee Gloria Bryan shared that the club’s upcoming luncheon tomorrow in Maxwell will be an opportunity to give back to elderly people in Christ Church with an afternoon of food and merriment.

“Those golden girls and boys will be wined, dined and entertained on Sunday in an effort to give back to them. They are responsible for where we are today and it would be nice if young persons today could learn from their values”.

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