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Part of the mural painted on the wall of the Liberal Arts Auditorium of the Barbados Community College, which urges students to choose wisely. The mural is the product of a collaborative effort between the National Council on Substance Abuse (NCSA) and the BCC’s Students’ Guild.


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Mural urges students to make the right choice


THERE is now a mural on the wall of the Liberal Arts Auditorium of the Barbados Community College (BCC), visible to all who enter that campus. The intention, is to encourage those young people who are pursing studies there to make the right choices.

According to Paulavette Atkinson, Programme Officer with the National Council on Substance Abuse (NCSA), the mural forms part of the NCSA’s ‘I Make the Choice’ programme. The mural was a joint project undertaken by the NSCA and the Barbados Community College’s Students’ Guild. It was painted by seven first year Fine Arts students – Rodney Massiah, Mathew Alleyne, Evan Avery, Adrian Catlin, Nicholas Grimes, Versia Harris and Shanika Sealy. She explained that the concept of the mural was introduced towards the end of last semester and the students worked throughout their summer holiday to have it completed. She added that while it was initially to take one month, it eventually took two months to complete given the interruption of the weather.

Speaking more to the ‘I Make the Choice’ programme, Atkinson explained that it seeks to empower the participants to know the facts so that they can make sound decisions regarding their personal and reproductive health, which she noted is also the aim of the mural.

“The theme speaks to living drug free lifestyles as well as ensuring that as it relates to one’s sexual and reproductive health, that one can make informed choices based on the information delivered, not only here, but through other social activities on campus to make healthy choices for one’s self and avoid STIs and HIV in particular,” she noted.

Meanwhile Bertram Carter, Chairman of the Board of the BCC also endorsed the mural. He said that in a society like ours, where a high proportion of our population is in the 16 to 22 age group, we need to constantly remind ourselves and others of the need to adopt safe and healthy lifestyles, which he said the mural will no doubt do. (JRT)

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