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A further thought on Farley Hill Great House


In this most interesting debate on the future of the Farley Hill Great House, there is one other matter to which I feel that public attention should be drawn.

The geologists tell us that Barbados has been formed by a series of uplifts from the ocean floor and that these uplifts should be continuing over time as the movement of the undersea tectonic plates which have caused these uplifts, continues. They also tell us that such subterrestrial uplifts as would have formed the Rendezvous Ridge and similar cliffs in Barbados, would most likely be accompanied by earthquakes of substantial force.

In geological time, our next uplift may not take place for hundreds of thousands of years. On the other hand, it might take place tomorrow.

If by any chance it occurs with a force of say, 3-5 on the Richter Scale while the Farley Hill Great House is in its present state of disrepair, that structure would most likely be completely demolished.

Therefore, those of us who wish to see the structure retained should press for a very early restoration.

E. Coleridge Pilgrim

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