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Nevertheless: Some people canít put a price on the value of pets


By Eric Lewis

I wasnít at work, but the fellas tell me that just before I came, a Caucasian man passed through looking for a bird which he said got away or was stolen from his home, and he was willing to pay $500 to anyone who could help him get back his bird.

Now in a way I glad I wasnít there, because I might did say the wrong thing, ícause I might did ask him if the bird does lay golden eggs, or if it does give him the winning lotto numbers and worse yet, if he and the bird does share ďspecialĒ moments together, ícause to be honest I canít see why you would wanta pay $500 to get back a bird. Now a dog I might be able to see a reward of that nature, ícause after all a dog does guard the house and if the house burning it could call for help.

But fellas in the know at work tell me that them got some people íbout here with expensive birds and not only that them start calling the names of aquarium fish and telling me how expensive some of them are.

Now pray tell me, you could go to Oistins Market tomorrow and get a hundred flying fish for $20, and them fish gine serve you and your family for at least ten days, why would you want to buy a lil ugly green fish for two or three hundred dollars just to watch it swim up and down in a glass bowl?

As you know I aint no pet person, but at least a cat does keep mice away and it could keep your company when you are alone, but all a fish does do is swim up and down and you have to wait on it hand and foot. At least when hard times hit a cat it would subsidise the menu with a lizard and if it sick you could take it to the vet.

But you does go and spend all of this money on a fish and what does happen? It does get up one morning and cock up and dead, and when them dead you canít even fry them and make a decent sandwich. Not only that but them does eat them one another. Imagine you got two fish in your aquarium each one cost $100 and you wake up a morning and see only one fish and the other fish with a toothpick picking it teets? I certain that you never eat piece oí fish that cost $100 in your life, but the lil ugly fish can brag that it had expensive seafood special.

True the fellas who are big into these things tell me that you canít put certain fish with certain fish and you canít put two men fish of a particular breed together cause them gine fight and all them kinda things. So there and then you have $200 in the water trying to kill each other. I tell you, not my money.

One fella who does raise birds to sell tell me he would sell me a pair of budgie gars for $40. I figure that money would give me two whole chickens and a dozen eggs. And getting back to the guy who lost the bird, I heard only this week that the bird was valued at close to $5 000. All that money and it canít lay an egg for me to eat? Naw!!! See ya


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