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The visiting group flanked by Andre Thomas, Commercial Manager, Mount Gay Distilleries Ltd. on the left and Chesterfield Browne, International Brand Ambassador and Raphaël Grisoni, Managing Director, on the right outside of Mount Gay’s Visitors Centre.


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Mount Gay brings visitors to Barbados


OVER 65 visitors were in Barbados (February 17-21, 2010) enjoying a welcomed break from their cold countries thanks to Remy Cointreau, the parent company of Mount Gay Rum. The visitors were the winners of a Fast Start Incentive Programme which targeted wines and spirits distribution companies in the United States, offering their top sales executives an all-expense paid visit to Barbados for them and a guest.

The Fast Start Incentive Programme is a part of a larger Remy Cointreau incentive programme, which includes participation from the South East USA, North and Mid-West markets. The most recent beneficiaries, who enjoyed the warmth of Barbados, were representatives from nine markets (Florida, Arizona, Texas, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington DC, Maryland, Illinois and Virginia).

Bill Corbett, Vice President, Division Manager of Remy Cointreau, said that the guests who were staying at the Tamarind Cove Hotel were all deserving of their five-day holiday.

“The sales executives worked really hard to position Mount Gay rum in the minds of millions of consumers in the United States and in so doing, they have also marketed Barbados because Mount Gay rum is produced locally but enjoyed all over the world as a premium product.”

The Mount Gay Visitors Centre was one of the many planned activities for the visitors, who were eager to enjoy the many attractions Barbados offers. Chris Newman of the Republic National Distributing Company in South Carolina said that he was driven to win because he wanted to visit the place where Mount Gay rum is created.

“Charleston is a sailing town and for years we have savoured Mount Gay rum which supports many of our sailing events, so it was not difficult to encourage more sales... I was driven to win because I wanted to visit Barbados and relax in the sun. When we visited the Visitors Centre, it was also a great opportunity for me to actually learn more about how this great rum is made ... it has been an overall rewarding experience that I will not forget.”

Remy Cointreau is pleased with the results of the inaugural Fast Start Incentive Programme, which has tremendous benefits for Barbados as several other winners will visit our shores over the next three months spending on average five days.

The 2010 Fast Start Incentive Programme is projected to bring approximately 200 visitors to Barbados, who may each spend over $1 000 during their visit thus contributing a significant sum of over $100 000 to the Barbadian economy.

Plans are in place to make the Fast Start Incentive Programme an annual activity, which would create several ambassadors for Mount Gay Rum and Barbados.

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