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Boeing B787 Dreamliner being tested in Barbados


By Nadia Brancker

THE Boeing 787 one of the newest model aircrafts made one of its flight landings yesterday at Grantley Adams International Airport (GAIA).

George Hutson, Minister of International Business and Transport at a press conference at GAIA stated , “This is a significant occasion for Barbados to be chosen as a destination to have these test performed in this particulate area”.

This aircraft which is manufactured by global aircraft manufacturers Boeing company is currently performing testing of its newest and fuel efficient commercial airline the B 787 -8 referred to as the dream liner.

He remarked, “Barbados has been chosen to do those test primarily because of our climatic condition, of course the facilities here at Grantley Adams International Airport are of a high standard. This opens up for Barbados international exposure when you have an airline of this nature doing testing out of Barbados. It attracts a lot of attention from the aviation media”.

In terms of GAIA point of view Hutson added, “It enhances the image of the airport and support facilities we have at GAIA. The 747-8 will arrive next week. We have spin offs in the tourism sector, as they bring a large contingent.
Barbados has been chosen to be the place of choice to be tested, they have already tested in colder climates and they are now being done in the tropical environment.

"This speaks to the where the aircraft industry is going and the need for us to position ourselves as an international airport and the leading airport in the Caribbean , we need to be continue investing in the airport”.

Terrance Mahon, Chairman of GAIA echoed similar sentiments, “Boeing, a worldwide company you would see the cutting edge or latest advancements in civil aviation technology. They chose Barbados because of the climate but they needed an airport that is sophisticated enough to handle the turn around times. It is a significant plus that within the globe that Barbados was one of those countries they chose and being able to attract Boeing is significant to getting Barbados on the world stage."

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