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Haloute: Chefette will expand more


By Randy Bennett

Chefette Restaurant’s new Black Rock outlet will not be its last.
As a matter of fact, plans are on the cards for expansion into the regional and international markets, but only when the time is right.

Managing Director of Chefette Restaurants, Ryan Haloute, made these points clear as he spoke during the official opening ceremony of Chefette’s new Black Rock outlet

He said that the restaurant would continue to look at ways in which it could expand business locally, promising that the latest addition, which brings the overall number of outlets to 14, would “definitely not be the last”.

“We will not be stopping at number 14. We at Chefette will continue to assess how best we can continue to expand and provide our services to the people of Barbados.

“Right now we employ over 750 persons and we will continue to expand and provide more jobs and more opportunities for Barbadians.

“I was once told that as a business if you are not growing then you are dying, and we are certainly not going to let Chefette die,” he promised.

Acknowledging that there is a growing interest in whether or not Chefette Restaurants
will set up outside of Barbados, Haloute remarked that much work has to be done to ensure that the quality which persons have come to expect remains the same wherever they moved to.

“It is not as simple as just going into another territory and setting up a Chefette branch. We first have to ensure that the high quality of service both as it relates to our employees and our food is maintained. We want to make sure that the food overseas would taste the same, that the excellent customer service which
we provide here in Barbados would be the same, and that the overall Chefette experience would stay the same and not differ depending on where you went,” he noted.

“This is not an easy process to duplicate, so we are taking our time in trying to analyse and to ensure that when we do take that step, that we have everything in the right place. So just give us a bit more time,” Haloute added.

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