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St. Bartholomew’s 4H students advised about the Secondary School Transition


By Kerri Gooding

“TAKE your school motto with you to secondary school in September, ‘Together we aspire, Together we achieve’,” said Immediate Past President of the Lions Club of Barbados South, Corlis Weekes-Grazette on Tuesday when speaking to the 2011 graduation class of St. Bartholomew’s Primary.

President Lion Carl Howard beseeched the students to apply themselves in secondary school for the learning experience differs drastically from primary school. Howard said, “many children are coming out of secondary school and failing us [the society]. Develop and set personal goals and aspire to attain them”.

Lion Weekes-Grazette encouraged the students to continue moving on with their studies. “Don’t think you have achieved, you have to go further, next is the secondary level and that is not the end next is BCC and UWI, there are more stages in your education career.

You are just turning a new page next month.” She also told them to be selective of their friends associating with and aligning themselves with positive persons. Then she implored the students to bring bullying to the attention of guardians, parents and teachers. “Report any unusual activity instead of trying to play truant to skip school and avoid a bully, tell”.

4H teacher Tonia Applewhaite spoke to her past wards and the entire graduation class telling them to join the 4H club at their new schools and if they are not comfortable they will always be welcomed to come back to St. Bartholomew’s on Saturdays. For Applewhaite stressed the importance of positive groups which provide a social and developmental foundation for students.

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